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Do PathoSEEK® qPCR Assays work on the Thermo Quant Studio series?

PathoSEEK® qPCR assays WILL work on Quant Studio instruments, but certain settings and calibrations are required, and Medicinal Genomics will be limited with what support and troubleshooting it can provide.

All PathoSEEK® assays contain HEX and FAM dyes. Some assays can detect more than one pathogen. These multiplexed assays contain more dyes to distinguish different organisms. For example our Salmonella/E.coli multiplex assay contains HEX, FAM, and ROX dyes. As noted below in the systems dyes chart from the QuantStudio™ 3 and 5 installation manual, HEX requires custom dye calibration.

MGC's 5-color Aspergillus assay for the CFX96 will work with the QuantStudio™ 5. This assay contains the five dyes highlighted in the graph below. Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 3.34.51 PM

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