How is the Hop Latent Viroid Singleplex Detection Assay different from the Cannabis Virus Multiplex?

The HLVd singleplex assay exclusively targets HLVd and does not target Cannabis Cryptic or Lettuce Chlorosis Virus.

Due to the overwhelming demand for a stand-alone HLVd assay, we created the PathoSEEK® Hop Latent Viroid Detection Assay (SKU 420134)    This has more recently (11-2023) been replaced by the Hop Latent Viroid Detection Assay v2 (SKU 420135).  This single target assay still includes a cannabis DNA internal control; however, it does not include the other two virus targets, cannabis cryptic and lettuce chlorosis, that made up the PathoSEEK® Virus Multiplex Detection Assay A.

This HLVd and HLVd v2 singleplex assays also includes a minor update to the forward primer that affords a degenerate base (W) at a location that could be a common SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) in HLVd.  This new design makes the assay more sensitive to that SNP, and thus more tolerant to variation. However, it is important to note that our original assay design will still identify HLVd in samples containing this variation, albeit with less sensitivity. It is not known whether this SNP has been found in any cannabis samples, but since we discovered the potential gap, we updated the design. PathoSEEK® Virus Multiplex Detection Assay A also includes this updated forward primer, so the assay design in both SKUs are identical.

We will continue to offer PathoSEEK® Virus Multiplex Detection Assay A on our webstore.

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