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How much SenSATIVAx® Solution A do I need for processing marijuana infused products?

Most states require 1 gram per "batch" for MIPs, but some ask for more than 1 gram depending on the matrix.

We offer two sizes of SenSATIVAx® MIP Kits. The small kit contains enough reagents for processing samples that require only 0.25 grams of matrix. The large kit contains enough reagents for up to 1 gram of matrix. Every state has its own set of regulations that define how much sample is required per sample type. The primary difference between the two sizes is the amount of Solution A (the DNA lysis buffer) that is needed to run the extraction method.

For processing 1 gram of sample, our user guide calls for 4.6 mLs of Solution A per gram. That's 920 mLs total. So why does our large 1 gram kit contain two (2) 700 mL bottles of Solution A? Because some matrices require 7 mLs per gram. That's 1400 mLs total. We provide the maximum amount you may need, and if you're not processing certain sample types then you will have excess Solution A reagent.

The state of Colorado is unique in that regulations require that 10-100 grams be tested per batch for certain MIP matrices. In this case, 46-460 mLs of Solution A are needed for processing. If you are processing these types of MIP matrices in Colorado we can supply individual bottles of the SenSATIVAx® Solution A reagent.