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Is Medicinal Genomics ISO Certified?

All Medicinal Genomics products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities. MGC develops and tests all of its reagents in house, but outsources the manufacture of our commercial products to ISO certified partners.

Medicinal Genomics partners with some of the leading reagent manufacturing companies in the world to produce and package our customized master mixes, oligos, and DNA extraction reagent kits that make up our various product lines.

All MGC reagents are manufactured at facilities that are ISO certified. Those certifications are available for download below.

Medicinal Genomics employs a quality system internally that was designed to meet the requirements set forth in standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and CLIA. In fact, most of the MGC team migrated from a clinical sequencing diagnostics company called Courtagen Life Sciences, so quality procedures are in our DNA. We conduct all of our business in accordance with these policies. 

Meet our Partners:

  1. New England Biolabs in Ipswich, Massachusetts: https://www.neb.com/about-neb/certifications
  2. Integrated DNA Technologies in Coralville, Iowa: https://sfvideo.blob.core.windows.net/sitefinity/docs/default-source/miscellaneous/certificate-iso-9001-2008eb2f621532796e2eaa53ff00001c1b3c.pdf?sfvrsn=d0183407_66
  3. AmericanBIO, Inc in Canton, MA: American BIO Inc, ISO 13485 Certificate
  4. Agilent Technologies in Santa Clara, CA: Agilent ISO 13485 Certificate Agilent MDSAP Certificate