New Packaging for Master Kit v3

Beginning in July of 2022, we have changed the packaging of our Master Kit v3 and removed the Decon Enzyme component. There is no change to the Master Mix or Buffer.

Why did we change the packaging?v3 Master Mix

Supply chain issues were the main driver behind the update. Better and more efficient storage are an added benefit. We polled several clients to determine the typical use case for unpacking and storing our kits. Most discard the cardboard boxes and store each individual tube in racks.

We have also observed that the cardboard boxes can become soft and deteriorate if stored in or near ice packs or wet ice.

The Foil pouches resolve these issues and save on packing space and weight as well.


Why did we remove the Decon Enzyme?

The Decon Enzyme was originally included in our Master Kit to allow users the option of running the decontamination protocol known as DREAM PCR. Read about the DREAM PCR protocol here.

The DREAM PCR protocol was not utilized in our internal validations of our assays since it is optional and adds steps and time to the methods. It was also not used at 3rd party labs in our AOAC validation matrix studies. As we update all of our User Guides to incorporate the v3 Master Kit we removed the Decon Enzyme to reduce waste.

The DREAM PCR protocol is most useful for labs running traditional PCR which requires removal of the PCR plate seal after amplification.  It allows the lab to avoid costly investments in pre and post PCR designated rooms with specific airflow.