What's new with FemINDICAtor® Version 2?

We optimized the FemINDICAtor® protocol and improved the assay so you can process more samples per day and use fewer reagents.

More Tests Per Tube

Detection assay and qPCR reagent volumes have been reduced 33%, pushing our 200 reaction kit to 300 reactions.

More Targets Per Test

FemINDICAtor® Cannabis Sex Detection Assay v2 improves on our previous assay by adding another primer probe set that targets an additional region of the Y chromosome to account for unique variations found through extensive sequencing of a variety of male plants. The original primer probe set remains unchanged. 

After reviewing genomic data from the Kannapeida database, we identified strains containing single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the region of the Y chromosome that our original FemINDICAtor primers target. The presence of SNPs under primers may inhibit binding to certain strains that contain these SNPs in that region. The additional set of primers we designed target this region of the Y Chromosome that has no SNPs.

This addition further increases the accuracy of the assay, reducing the already minute chances for false negatives. Our original FemINDICAtor® assay had approximately 96% accuracy.  The addition of the second target sequence only increases that accuracy of the assay overall.

More Runs Per Day

Shorter instrument run times means you can test more plants.

Lower Cost Per Plant

The price of the detection assay and qPCR reagents is not changing. This will allow testing labs and growers alike the ability to scale up their sex testing programs.

Comparison Data: