What's new with PathoSEEK® Powdery Mildew Version 2?

PathoSEEK® Powdery Mildew Assay v2 has been re-designed for improved sensitivity.

Why did we update the Powdery Mildew Assay?

The previous version of the PM assay did not perform as effectively as we expected in the presence of high concentrations of cannabis DNA, or with very low concentrations of PM DNA. We discovered that the sizable amplicon length of the PM v1 assay was most likely responsible for this issue. As such, we reduced the amplicon size, resulting in improved sensitivity and performance. 

What changed?

Only the reverse primer was changed. The forward primer and probe remain untouched, while the reverse primer was redesigned to bind closer to the other two primers, which leads to a smaller area of amplification. Smaller amplicons are more efficient, which leads to improvements in performance and sensitivity.