What's new with the updated Total Yeast and Mold Assay Workflow?

On June 16th, 2022 MGC released an updated workflow for TYM testing. This included a new User Guide and a new Validation document. What changed?

  • Flower samples and marijuana-infused products (MIPs) samples now both require the use of qPCR Master Kit v3  (SKU 420201) 
  • The upfront dilution has been changed for flower testing to 1g sample and 19 mLs TSB (instead of 1 g sample and 9 mLs previously)
  • A heating step has been added to the DNA Purification process for MIP samples to aid in complete cell lysis
  • Both Flower and MIP Cq to CFU conversion equations have been updated and now require an additional back-calculation to account for the revised upfront dilution
  • No new reagents are required

Download the PathoSEEK® Total Yeast and Mold Detection Assay with SenSATIVAx® & TLP Extraction User Guide

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