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Does MGC provide a Validation Document for the PathoSEEK® Cannabis Virus Multiplex Detection Assay?

Article describes why there is no official manufacturers validation for this assay

MGC does not provide an official manufacturer's validation document for this assay.  However we did perform a case study with a grow in the US, that can be found here
Due to the fairly recent market demand and nascent nature of this assay, we don't offer a manufacturer's validation document like we do for our Pathoseek Microbial assays.
Viral Assay Validations similar to microbial test validations are difficult for a few reasons:
  1. There is no commercially available CRM (certified reference material) or PT (proficiency test) for cannabis virus testing.
  2. There is no commercially available Hops Latent, Cannabis Cryptic or Lettuce Chlorosis viral RNA to be used for validations.
  1. Perform a dilution series of the Positive Controls - However keep in mind the controls are DNA and this does not validate that reverse transcription is occurring.
  2. Find and use HLVd, CCV or LCV infected samples to use for validations.

Besides the case study linked above or alternative validation options, we don't have much else to offer to aid in your validation.  Many labs have been using this product without performing the standard validation since these are not regulated or required tests.