Why is my Cannabis DNA Control (HEX signal) not showing up in my flower extractions and what can I do?

The level of available cannabis DNA in a sample is dependent on the type of plant material, the sample age, and whether remediation was used. Therefore there will be instances where the HEX signal is very late or nonexistent.

First and foremost, ensure you have correctly followed the DNA purification steps in the proper USER GUIDE.  Many times, poor HEX signal is due to user error.

However, if you have ruled out user error, there are other contributing factors that may affect the level of available cannabis DNA in a sample, including:

  1. Sample Type  A beautiful green bud is going to contain more cannabis DNA than a leaf, stem, 'trim', or 'shake'.
  2. Sample Age.  Older, drier samples yield less cannabis DNA.
  3. Remediation by irradiation.  Any treatment meant to kill microbial cells (x-ray, ozone, gamma radiation, etc.) may also affect availability and/or quality of cannabis DNA. 

If any of the above is known or suspected of the samples being tested, and user error has been ruled out, we recommend spiking in synthetic cannabis DNA during the extraction process.

SenSATIVAx for Flower/Leaf DNA Extraction: Spiking in Synthetic SCCG

Prepare a fresh SCCG positive control dilution of 1:50,000 with Nuclease Free Water and keep on ice until use.  (P/N 420326) Webstore Link

  1. Aspirate 1 mL from the side of the filter bag, free of plant debris, and dispense into the 1.5mL tube.
    1. There may be a spin step here depending on which extraction is being performed
  2. Add MGC Lysis buffer and vortex for 10 seconds then let incubate on the bench for 2 minutes.
    1. Volume of Lysis buffer added is dependent on volume of sample being lysed:
      1. 1 mL = 50 uL of lysis buffer
      2. 250 uL = 12.5 uL of lysis buffer
  3. Add 10 ul (to 1 mL) or 2.5 uL (to 250 uL) of the freshly prepared 1:50,000 dilution of SCCG Positive Control to Lysed sample and vortex well

If further support is needed, please reach out to support@medicinalgenomics.com