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I keep running out of my binding buffer, can I buy it separately?

Why the lysis buffer is sold in such excess.

The MGC SenSATIVAx for flower kits contain the following reagents and total volumes:

1.  MGC Binding Buffer = 48 mLs

2.  Lysis Buffer = 16 mLs

3.  Elution Buffer = 12 mLs

The binding and elution buffer provided is enough for 200 extractions plus a 20% overage.

The lysis buffer is enough for 200 reactions + 4x the necessary volume.  Why? 

We increased this buffer volume to accommodate labs that are processing 1 g samples.  When 1 g of sample is used, 50 uL of lysis buffer is needed per sample.  We went above and beyond the 12 mL necessary volume and added 16 total mLs.  This is why you'll find you will run out of Binding Buffer and Elution buffer before Lysis.  We don't break up the kit and sell items separately.