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Do we have to use either the Agilent AriaMX or Bio-rad CFX 96 qPCR instruments with PathoSeek?

All of our internal development and validation work on our PathoSEEK qPCR products was performed on the Agilent AriaMX and the Bio-rad CFX 96 instruments.   For this reason we strongly recommend using one of these instruments when using our kits.  Using a different instrument will require more validation work to be completed to show that the alternative instrument performs equivalently.  I'd recommend repeating the following in addition to any lab validation work that has to be performed to satisfy normal state/country regulator or ISO requirements:
1. Sensitivity testing (LOD/Linearity) as available fluorophores and sensitivity can vary between instruments
2. Creation of Cq to CFU conversion equations as this can vary by instrument (this only applies if you're in a state that requires threshold tests)