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Stem Sample Collection Instructions

For collecting a stem sample from your cannabis plant and preparing it for shipping to Medicinal Genomics. These instructions are provided in each kit that MGC will supply with a StrainSEEK® or Whole Genome Sequencing service order.


Please complete the Sample Submission Form before collecting and handling samples. The Tube Barcodes can be found on the 2 sample tubes included in the collection kit. Important: These barcodes are used to associate the samples you provide with your customer record, so it is critical that they are properly recorded on the Sample Submission Form.

Important: The barcoded sample tubes must be returned to Medicinal Genomics inside the same ziplock bag they were shipped in.

Never return a ziplock bag with more than 2 barcoded tubes! We need to match the submission form with the correct tubes from the same bag.


Wearing gloves will ensure you do not contaminate your sample(s) with any outside DNA. Wear a new fresh pair of gloves for each sample.


  1. Unwrap a new razor blade and cut a stem from your plant.
  2. Cut stem into 1 inch pieces .Note: Stem pieces should not contain any leaf material.
  3. Slice each stem piece down the middle, length-wise. See Below:
  4. Place Tube 1 onto a digital scale and zero it out.
  5. Fill Tube 1 with 0.3 grams of freshly cut and sliced stem piece(s).
  6. Remove Tube 1 from the scale and repeat steps 4-6 with Tube 2.

Important: Tube 1 and 2 must contain stem from the same plant.


  1. Use the plastic pipette to transfer rubbing alcohol into Tube 1, until about 3/4 full. Note: Do not touch the stem with the pipette tip. Doing so may leave plant DNA on the pipette tip, which will contaminate the alcohol bottle.
  2. Place the cap on Tube 1 and shake for 10 seconds.
  3. Remove the cap and dump the alcohol out of the tube. Hold a finger over the tube opening to make sure the stem remains inside.
  4. Repeat wash by completing steps 1-3 again.
  5. Repeat this process for Tube 2.


  1. Place Tube 1, Tube 2, and the Sample Submission Form into the ziplock bag they came in.
  2. Place the bag into the pre-addressed, padded envelope. If you are submitting multiple samples, repeat the entire process, using a new kit (contents of ziplock bag), fresh set of gloves, and a fresh razor to avoid any contamination.
  3. Seal envelope and place in the nearest FedEx or UPS dropbox.


We will send an email to the address provided on the Sample Submission Form when we receive the sample at our laboratory. We will email the sequencing results to that same email address in 4-6 weeks of sample receipt. Please contact support@medicinalgenomics.com for any questions.

Want to submit genomic DNA?

We require stem samples because we get more consistent and better gDNA extractions in our lab using our methods, resulting in higher quality sequencing runs. However, if for any reason your local regulations forbid you to ship exempt cannabis plant material, then we can accept genomic DNA on a case by case basis. This assumes that you have the capability to perform gDNA extractions at your facility. Our requirements are as follows:

  • We require greater than 7ng/ul gDNA concentration with greater than 20ul volume submitted.
  • We prefer that gDNA is resuspended in TE or Tris Buffer. This way you can also QC the DNA to be sure there is enough concentration and volume.
  • We require that gDNA samples are sent on dry ice. If shipping from overseas please pack with enough dry ice to ensure samples stay frozen over multiple days.
  • Please contact us at support@medicinalgenomics.com if you prefer to send gDNA.