Will PathoSEEK® assays run on a BIO-RAD MyiQ or iQ5?

Certain PathoSEEK assays can be run on the iQ5, however none are compatible with the MyiQ.

BIO-RAD iQ5 can detect the fluorescence on FAM, HEX, Texas Red, and Cy5. That means any MGC single plex, or two-species multiplex assays (ex. Sal/STEC) as well as the grim reefer enzyme may be used on a BIO-RAD iQ5. 

The MyiQ only detects fluorescence from FAM, therefore it is incompatible with all PathoSEEK assays. 

More information about the BIO-RAD iQ cyclers can be found here.

Special notes

  • Aspergillus 5-color assay is not compatible with either of the BIO-RAD iQ systems.
  • Labs using these thermocyclers will have to perform their own in-house experiments to create Cq to CFU conversion equations for microbial quantification. More information on Cq to CFU conversion equations can be found in appendix II in our Validation Document.